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He also noted that governments at all ▓levels must make joint efforts to re▓turn farmland to forest, plant more trees, and bree▓d more livestock.In a village near Dingxi city, the premier▓ said great changes have taken place in the city's soc▓ial and economic life.Population: 1▓8,700Major area of distribution: GuangxiLanguage: JingReligion: Buddhism and TaoismThe 18,700 people of this very small ethnic minority live in ▓compact communiti

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as p▓overty elimination

ulf to its south is an ideal fishing ground. Of the more than 700 species of fish found there, over

2▓00 are of great economic value and high yields. Pearls▓, sea horses and sea otters which grow

▓in abundance are prized for their medicinal value. Seaw▓ater from the Beibu Gulf is good for sa

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